Friday, June 20, 2008

Get Smart


What, you want an actual review?

This film has a great premise, and over a hundred classic episodes of comedy material to draw from. Unfortunately, the direction of the film ironically lacks the timing that was shown in the trailer for the film.

Honestly, the style an tone shown in that trailer is exactly what should have been done for the movie itself. Instead, the movie takes a far more fast-paced action-oriented approach, which unfortunately does not work well with Steve Carell's comedic style.

Probably the most odd part of the film is that it spends a great deal of screen time explaining the idea that Agent 99 is not actually as young as Anne Hathaway appears, but is in fact Max's age and simply had plastic surgery to appear young.
This does not help the fact that Anne Hathaway is TOO YOUNG FOR STEVE CARELL. -_-

If the film had been edited more tightly, I would have been more than happy with it. However, the film resorted to cheap laughs and a style that did not support Steve Carell's style.

Watch it on TV or DVD later this year, but don't spend money on it in the theaters. It's not worth it.